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If you're like me, then you probably make a "to do" list at the beginning of the week. Since this is the first business day of September 2008, it seems prudent to focus on monthly tasks.

In today's issue I focus on a few important QB "to do" items that all businesses need "to do" every month.

labor day 2

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was awesome! As I mentioned last time, I've been thinking of training ideas for people who use QuickBooks. Yes, I think of these things even on holidays...

Motivated solo-professionals understand the value of accurate financial data. I enjoy working for these "go-getters" because their attitude motivates me help them in unique ways in QuickBooks.

But my favorite thing about working with this group is how grateful they are for my help. Isn't it nice to be appreciated? Everybody loves it.

So I'm very excited about some amazing ideas I've been having... ideas to serve super-focused professionals with new and unique training products and services.

New Service Packages Released

For example, I just released a brand new set of "QuickBooks Services," with different pricing levels for your budget and needs.

You now have pricing options for when you need expert QuickBooks help.

If you want to see the options, go here:

...and fill in the form. You will receive, almost immediately, an automatic reply, with a pdf describing all of the new QB services I offer.

That's just one idea to make QuickBooks help more accessible to motivated professionals. I have many other ideas that I'll be sharing with you in the next few weeks.

3 Suggestions for Your "To Do List" for Today (or this week)

As I mentioned, I work best with people who are highly focused and motivated about their financial data in QuickBooks. In order to get and preserve that data, certain tasks must be done regularly.

If you're a one of those people, or if you want to be one, here are a few things I suggest you take care of today or this week:

1. Reconcile the checking account. If you have not done it yet for July, do it today. Some banks will have the August statement ready today online. Print one and reconcile it too. Here are some tips for reconciling accounts in QuickBooks:

2. Make a backup (.qbb) of your QuickBooks file and save it to a flash drive. Store the flash drive off site for safekeeping.

It's important to use QB's internal backup process from time to time, even if you have some other way of backing up data on your hard drive. It helps QB stay "clean and lean."

Also, taking the backup offsite is considered a "best practice" these days with all the emphasis on preparing for a disaster.

3. Run aging reports for customers and vendors. See if there are any outstanding/unapplied credits that need to be applied. If you find some, apply them in the Receive Payments or Pay Bills screens. Don't apply any that you are unsure about... vendor credits can only be unapplied by deleting them.

Also sometimes customers underpay or overpay by a very small amount, like $0.01. If you see this, get it off the books by making a journal entry to call an overpayment "revenue," or an underpayment as "Bad Debt" or "Miscellaneous." Apply the jounal entry to the customer's account.

If you want to outsource any of these tasks, contact me:

You can outsource for just a few tasks for a short time period, or many tasks over a long time period. The choice is yours - whatever you need.

If you did these tasks...


You took care of some important things for your business, and you should feel good about it. Take care of your business and your business will take care of you.

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We'll talk again soon,

Jennifer Thieme

P.S. Do you have any friends or colleagues who are highly motivated and who would like these tips? Forward this email to them. Thanks.

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