I forgot to tell you how else to move around in the QB screens.

This would have been especially important for LEFT HANDED PEOPLE! Since I'm right handed, I completely forgot about this other way.

My apologies to all you south-paws!

But a wise reader named Ben alterted me to this other way, which I already knew somewhere in the back of my noodle, but forgot.

Here it is:

If you're left handed, or know somebody who is, instead of using the Tab key to move around in QB, use the Enter key.

But first you need to turn on the Preference. Go here:

Edit > Preferences > General > My Preferences

The very first box is called "Pressing Enter moves between fields." Check it.

Once the box is checked, you will be able to move around using the Enter key.

Good News: You can still use the Tab key if you want to use the Enter key!

Remember: using the mouse wastes your time!

You don't want your time wasted.... do you?

Use the Enter key or the Tab key to move around in QB.

Poco a poco.... little by little, we make progress!

Until next time,

Jennifer Thieme
Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

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