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For a long time I have wanted to start a new section on my website specifically for "saving money." So in the last few days I decided to go for it. I am always looking for deals, plus I have tons of small money saving ideas that I do for myself that I want to write about. One of the things I posted there is for one of the banks I work with regularly. It’s one of the best banking deals I’ve seen in a long time.

(But the new page not just for ME to share ideas. If you want, you can share your ideas too. Even upload a photo if you want. So easy to do.)

Get $200 for opening a new small business account - good for March 2010 only! There are a couple MINIMAL conditions. Go check it out. Tell your friends, because this is an amazing offer:

$200 for New Small Business Account

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P.S. QB 2007 users: important services are being discontinued on May 31 for your product:

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  • Banking & credit card downloads
  • Merchant accounts
  • QB bill payment
  • other services

All being discontinued. Upgrade now for a smooth transition:

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