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Almost gone: 2015 tax deductions
December 22, 2015

I'm sure you're already thinking about the upcoming tax season. Have you done the following yet?

1. Made all of the charitable contributions you want to make for this year?
2. Purchased all of the business items you want to purchase for this year? (Except inventory--don't buy inventory at the end of the year unless you truly need it. Why? See book #2 below.)

Those two tasks matter because they may mean lower taxes for you and your business.

Before December 31, please take a few moments to think about those two items, and to decide if you should take action on them.

One of the "business items" you might want to purchase in 2015 is the complete set of eBooks I wrote. The series is called, "Get More from QuickBooks." If you purchase them before the end of the year, you can take the write-off on your 2015 business taxes.

But more importantly, you will have vital information for creating accurate financial reports. This means your tax returns will be based on accurate information.

I wrote this series of eBooks in order to help people like you use QuickBooks more effectively. Here are my three goals. I want you to:

1. Learn QuickBooks so well that you don't need to hire an outside professional to help you.

2. Feel good about using QuickBooks.

3. Have the peaceful feeling that comes from knowing your financial reports are accurate.

Make sure your QuickBooks file is up to date for taxes with these four eBooks:

1. Conquer 27 Frustrating Mistakes that Steal Your Time, Sanity & Money 2. Crack the COGS Code
3. Insider Secrets to Customer Prepayments
4. Quick & Accurate Bank Recs

Get all four for $19.97, or individually for $9.97. Click here to learn more:

These eBooks are guaranteed. If they don't help you, hit reply on this email to request a full refund, or call (760) 933-8660.

Take care and have a wonderful holiday!



"What is an eBook?" An eBook is an electronic book. It is not a physical book that you hold in your hand. You download it to your computer and read it on your computer screen.

"Can I order a physical copy of these eBooks?" I'm sorry, these eBooks are not available in physical form.

"I've seen other eBooks that show common mistakes in QuickBooks. Why is yours different?" Mine has more mistakes than any other, and it shows the solutions to the mistakes. I've seen other similar books that don't show the solutions, plus they show fewer mistakes.

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