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Neck Saver for Bookkeepers

Great for bookkeepers with neck or back problems. It's a cookbook holder that I use it when I need to manually enter transactions from credit card or banking statements - I clip the statement on the outside and top of the acrylic window, and adjust the angle so I can see the small print clearly.

If having the statement flat on the desk is a problem for your neck, back, or eyes, you will appreciate this. You won't need to bend over the statement to read it anymore.

If you get one with a wood base it won't topple over - and this is important because it means we can write on the statement securely. If you've ever used on of those flimsy plastic statement holders you know what I mean.

Some fold flat for easy storage; available at

World's Tiniest Flash Drive

Try a little flash drive; I found one for only $3.95 and it holds 2GB.

One of my favorite ways to use a flash drive is to have one dedicated exclusively for free PDF reports.

If you are like me, then you probably have downloaded quite a few of these free PDF reports from various websites. I find the easiest way to keep them organized is to store them in a dedicated flash drive.

I think most of can use another flash drive.

Bookkeepers Need Two Monitors

Do you use two computer monitors yet?

I do, and I cannot imagine going back to only using one. It has been such a help to have two computer screens.

As bookkeepers we are constantly multi-tasking, because we have several programs open, and we NEED these programs open all at the same time:

  • QuickBooks
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Internet Explorer
  • and who knows what else....

Having a second monitor allows us to look at two, or more, programs at once. Especially if you have two wide screen monitors, then you could have four programs available for viewing.

Talk to anybody who uses two monitors and see what they say. I guarantee you that they would not go back to using only one monitor.

If you are still using only one monitor, shop Amazon for great prices on a second one. You will be glad you did.

More products coming soon.

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