Credit Card vs Bank Accounts

by Jim
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

I find it really irritating and frustrating that Quickbooks seems to think that a credit card is a completely different animal than a check. If you pay bills and aren't careful to make sure the right type of account is selected you can't just change from the credit card charge to a check, etc. You have to delete the credit card charge and pay the bill all over again. I don't get it. Why!!! In all their other Quicken software you can easily just change the account from one to another seemlessly. It is so much easier.

Jennifer replies:

You are not the first person to report to me a fairly significant difference between QB and Quicken... with Quicken coming out ahead for usability in the reported area. It seems that the development teams for the two softwares do not communicate. It would be nice if they did so that things like this would not happen.

Thanks for writing.

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