Inventory Assembly - Item Price Changing

by Susan Hendershot
(Kunkletown, PA)

Jennifer - First let me say I love your site!!!

My question is regarding Inventory Assembly and Item Pricing. With the economy the way it is the prices are rising each week. Let's say I purchase a peice of pipe for a job at one cost (say Pipe #1 at $5.00 a foot) and now we are ordering it two weeks later for another job but at a higher cost (say $7.00). So right now I have Pipe #1 entered into the Inventory Assembly for Job 100. I then go into the Inventory assembly for Job 101 and add the pipe again, but it still comes up at the orginal price which is $5. If I go into the actual item and change the price from $5 to $7 it changes the pipe to $7.00 on the Inventory Assembly for Job 100, when that should be $5.00.

I have been racking my brain on what to do about this. I have not built the assembly yet for Job 100 because the job is still in process. I know that once I build the assembly for Job 100 it will lock in the price and then I can change the price.

Any suggestions.

Thank you so much,

Susan Hendershot

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Nov 04, 2015
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