Name the File - How to Name the QuickBooks File

When making QuickBooks backup files to exchange with your accountant, it’s important to name the file correctly. This is because when the accountant returns the file to you, you don’t want to get it confused it with the file you sent to him/her. They don't have the same data! Here’s how.

When going through the backup process, QuickBooks assigns a name to your backup. You have the option to keep this name or change it. My suggestion is to add the current date to the name of the backup file.

For example, I use the client’s company initials and current date on all backups. They look something like this: abcinc11052007, which stands for ABC Inc, November 5, 2007. Have your accountant do the same when he/she is finished working in the file.

Adding the current date to the name of the backup helps prevent older backups from being used again. You don’t want to accidentally restore an old backup!

Important: when restoring the backup, be sure to navigate to the location of the .qbw file, and use the name already there. QuickBooks might want to use the name of the backup, but do not allow this. Use the name of the .qbw as it already is.

We all know that email is not secure. When emailing QuickBooks files, make sure they have strong passwords.

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