Numbering System for Vendors & Customers

by Dagmar
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

What I'd really like to be able to do is assign account numbers to both Vendors & Customers.

Customers could start with 1000, Vendors with 4000, Expense Suppliers with 7000....that type of idea.

I find it frustrating to have to constantly type names ...especially when I have several accounts with the SAME vendor. I find the drop-down lists time consuming, and would much rather be able to simply enter the vendor # and get to the correct vendor.

Actually...the same goes for G.L. accounts :)

Jennifer replies:

Good idea for the vendors & customers. Did you know that you *can* have numbers for the G/L accounts?

Turn it on by following this path:

Edit > Preferences

Then, select the first preference: Accounting

Click the Company tab. Check the box at the top that says, "Use account numbers." So there you go - you now have account numbers for the G/L accounts.

Thanks for writing.

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Aug 07, 2008
Numbering System
by: Mr. Clearbooks

For most used customers and vendors. you can temporarily add your number to the customer or vendor name field then delete them later on.

I use a 2 character code that are easy to remember like AA, BX or AT and Quickbooks immediately displays the right customer or vendor.

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