Previous Bank Reconciliation Reports

by Anonymous

Why can't you print previous bank reconciliation reports? I can only go back one month. I try to remember to dump them to Excel, in case I ever need a soft copy in the future, but I don't always remember.

Jennifer replies:

QuickBooks Pro and Simple Start do not have the feature to print prior bank rec reports.

Your Excel idea is a good one - I had not thought to do that. You can also try to remember to print the report each time you run a bank rec, and staple it to the back of your bank statement. That's what I recommend to my clients.

QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solution do allow prior rec reports to be printed. It's a nice feature, one of the "bells and whistles" of the more expensive programs.

If you really need to see the actual reports, contact your accountant and see if he/she runs a Premier version of QuickBooks. If so, then once your file is uploaded, he/she can print the reports and fax or email them to you.

The only reason I've ever needed to see an older bank rec report was to see when a certain transaction was reconciled. If recs are run regularly, and generally go smoothly, then the transactions will reconcile in QB the same month they clear the bank. So if an older rec report is not available, pull up the bank statement when you suspect the transaction cleared. It will have been marked "cleared" in QB this same month, again this assumes that the recs are done regularly and go well each time.

Special QB adjustments are an exception. If you made one of these and need to see when it was marked as "reconciled,"..... hmmmm..... I don't know the answer. Maybe somebody reading this does and can post a comment below? Thanks.

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Aug 05, 2018
ridiculous NEW
by: Anonymous

It is totally ridiculous that QB Pro does not provide this BASIC feature for it's users. It's programmed , it is just not turned on unless you buy a $400 version. Another reason QB is such a crappy program.

Nov 03, 2017
Wow that is bad NEW
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe quick books pro would lack such a basic feature.

Thank you for clarifying.

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Apr 20, 2015
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Aug 20, 2013
Bank rec - prior reports NEW
by: Anonymous

perthe Aug 10, 2013 posting - the menu selections give appear to give the same info as selecting from Reports menu. The answer we are looking for is how to set a report criteria for a past reconciliation. Example: it is now August 15, 2013. I want to print the bank rec for 12/31/12. Does not appear that this feature is available in Pro version.

Aug 10, 2013
Printing old reconciliation reports- easy start edition NEW
by: Anonymous

When I went to print a reconciliation report from a past month, I couldn't find a menu to do this either. However, I found a different way: click reconcile, once in the "begin reconcile" page, there should be a tab saying "locate discrepancies", click it. Next there should be a tab saying "previous reports", click this and enter the appropriate info to find your report and print it

Sep 05, 2012
Old Bank Recs NEW
by: Anonymous

I find it amazing that QuickBooks does not have this feature. In MYOB it is a simple procedure to print old bank reconciliations. It is also a feature I find I need to use a LOT, especially when more than one user has access to a data file. Things get changed and it is vitally important to be able to see the previous bank reconciliations to track down errors. I use both QuickBooks and MYOB and this is just another area where QuickBooks falls dreadfully short- QuickBooks because it was created QUICKly with little thought of what a user needs!

Feb 12, 2009
Print as PDF
by: Anonymous

If you have a program such as Acrobat Pro that creates PDFs, just select that as your printer when you go to print the reconcilaiton report. This will allow you to save the report as a PDF. You can file the electronic version away and then print or reference it whenever needed.

Jennifer replies:

Excellent idea. I've done this with other things but not with bank rec reports. I use CutePDF because it's free.

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