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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is an ideal choice for medium sized businesses. It has all the ease-of-use that QuickBooks is famous for.

The interface is identical to QuickBooks Pro and Premier - all screens look the same, such as Enter Bills, Pay Bills, Write Checks, Bank Reconciliation, etc.

The main difference between QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and other versions of QuickBooks is its capacity. It can handle more users and more list names. It also has a lot of other exceptional features not available in other versions.

Handles More Simultaneous Users

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions handles up to 30 simultaneous users. Pro and Premier handle up to five.

Handles More List Names

"List Names" means any names that appears on any list, such as the Customer List, the Vendor List, or the Employee List. Enterprise handles up to one million total list names. This means the total of all list names in all lists can be up to one million. Pro and Premier handle up to 14,500.

Handles More Items

"Items" refers to any name appearing on the Item List. This includes all item types, such as Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, etc. Enterprise handles up to one million names on this list. Pro and Premier handle up to 14,500.

Other Awesome Features

  • Customize User Permissions - this is one of my favorite things about Enterprise. The other versions of QB allow for general user accounts, but Enterprise allows you to "fine tune" these permissions to a very high degree.
  • More Flexibility in Multi-User Mode - Enterprise allows you to do more things in Multi-User mode, such as making inventory adjustments, adjusting sales tax rates, and deleting list items.
  • One Year Tech Support - You receive a full year's worth of technical support included with your purchase.
  • Multiple Company Files Combined into Single Report - with Enterprise, if you have multiple company files (.qbw), you can combine them for consolidated reporting.
  • Many other features available.

Difference Between Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

It works like this. Pro has a lot of good, solid accounting/bookkeeping features. Premier has everything Pro has, has the same capacity as Pro, and it has a few other good features some businesses need. Enterprise has everything Pro and Premier have, plus other features they don't have, plus more capacity than they have.

Here's a link where I have pages and pages of information about Pro (opens a new window): All About QuickBooks Pro.

Here's a link where I discuss difference between Pro and Premier (opens a new window): Difference between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier.

Tip from Jennifer
for Getting Help with Enterprise

Remember that Enterprise's interface is identical to the other versions of QB. This means that from time to time you may need to locate help with the different screens. If you need help for reconciling a bank statement in Enterprise, for example, and find a web page dedicated to reconciling bank statements in QuickBooks Pro, that page applies to Enterprise and Premier. The same is true for almost all of the other screens of Enterprise.

I hope this answers some your questions about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Contact me at the link below if you need more help with it.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Need More Help? Contact Jennifer


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