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QuickBooks News from 2007 for Mac Users:

Beginning about the 15th of December 2007, some QB for Mac users opened their QuickBooks files and were sorry they did: an update from Intuit erased all the files located in their desktop.

On December 17, an QuickBooks Intuit Support page was added to the Intuit database, stating that they had resolved the problem, that the update file causing the problem had been removed from their server.

If you have been affected by this, click here to go to the support page, where you can enter your name and contact information. An Intuit support representative will contact you.

You may also click here to go to the QuickBooks Community and read a very long thread about the subject. There's lots of good information there, so check it out if you are affected and need more info.

The only users affected were QB for Mac 2006 and 2007. Only a limited number of users were affected, not all users.

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