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Best Ways to Get Help with QuickBooks

As a small business owner, you may need QuickBooks help from time to time. Finding somebody who specifically supports QuickBooks is an excellent way to get that help.

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Two Choices:

  • You can find somebody to work with directly
  • Try and get free help.

First Way:
Find somebody to work with directly.

Of course I would love for you to contact me right now.

You can also browse the QuickBooks online referral database to find help with QuickBooks.

Once you find somebody to work with...

1. Email Your QuickBooks File as an Attachment

Yep, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home...or office. You don’t even have to work with somebody in your local area, which gives you wider range of people to choose from.

There are three kinds of backup files you can exchange:

  • Traditional backup (.qbb)
  • Portable file (.qbm)

With these two, don’t work in the file while your QuickBooks person is working in the backup. If you do, changes your made will be erased once the backup is returned and restored.

  • Accountant’s Copy (.qbx)

The nice thing about Accountant’s Copy is that you can work in the file after the dividing date. Your accountant can work in before the dividing date.

What’s the Best Backup in QuickBooks?

Determine Backup File size Before Emailing

How to Name the File - Best Way to Name the QB Backup File

2. Use a Remote Access Service, also known as screen sharing.

Remote access/screen sharing is when somebody accesses your computer from their computer. You can use remote access a couple ways:

  • Have your bookkeeping done on your computer, without somebody coming to your office.
  • Get QuickBooks technical support or training for yourself or somebody else on your staff.
  • Access your own computer at work when you are traveling or away for other reasons.

Here's the screen sharing service I like: www.join.me. It's free, easy, and secure. Plus YOU are the one who controls the access.

3. Have the QuickBooks Help Come to You

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You can find somebody in your local area to come to your business. Larger businesses who cannot use options 1 or 2 above are restricted to this option. Use the QuickBooks database shown above to search for somebody close to you.

Second Way:
Get free help online

There are a couple very good forums available. The first is called the QuickBooks Community and is sponsored by Intuit: Get QuickBooks Help for Free here.

Here’s another forum where you can get free QuickBooks help. This one is called the QuickBooks Users forums.

Both of these have many excellent QuickBooks professionals who contribute regularly.

You can also search my site using the search box on the top right of this page. I wrote over 250 pages devoted to QuickBooks topics. Maybe I've already answered your question!

Which Way is the Best Way?

Try getting free help first. Then, if you can't get the help you need for free, find somebody to work with you. You may find that QuickBooks is more work than you thought it would be.

Is your time better spent on accounting chores (which are not your core compentency), or is it better spent earning revenue? Most small business books and consultants say that your time is better spent earning revenue rather than doing an important task, like accounting, that's not your core competency.

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