QuickBooks Online Banking

by Helen

I find Quickbooks online banking (Pro 2007) very clumsy. I deal with six chartered banks and two credit unions, and if I have the Online Banking screen up with a bank displayed and I go into one of the displayed accounts, after I exit that account, I expect to RETURN to the QuickBooks Online Banking screen I just left. What a surprise when I return instead to the Online Banking screen for a different bank entirely. It should return to the screen I just left. I have discovered a workaround - you have to select the bank in Online Banking, then exit Online Banking and re-enter it. Now the screen will return to that bank.

I also find that I hate the automatic cheque numbering - I have thirty weekly mortgage payments automatically debited to one bank account and I have put them all into memorized transactions with the name of the property in the "cheque" field. Quickbooks insists on overwriting that data with a meaningless cheque number.

How does one get rid of NIL online transactions, if you can't post a NIL transaction in the register?

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Nov 05, 2015
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Aug 23, 2015
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With the development of technology , it has made our life very easy as well as confused. Online banking is one of the aspects of technology. The people who have more than two or three accounts are the people who are suffereing the most. There are also quickbooks which insist on unnecessary data.

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